The Quiet Cue: Nicolas Wiese, Michael Renkel

Michael Renkel: semi-acoustic guitar, Live electronics, sampling / Nicolas Wiese: sampling, feedback, oscillation
Michael Renkel, Genetic Annotation I - Max/MSP patch

This composition is based on two genetic sequences running through a hybbridising several times, hybiridising the limited genetic informaton again and again. The genetic sequence (ATTGCAAAGTTCG...

Activity Center photo by Ingo Scheffler

Michael Renkel: strings & percussion Burkhard Beins: percussion & strings Over the course of 25 years Activity Center has developed a unique style of musical performance. Their distinctive way to "create spontaneous compositional structures" has been referred to as "improvised sound art" as well as "hand-played musique...

Renkel in Jakarta

I made these recordings on three two-month trips through Indonesia. On this collage among others can be heard: Ubud, Surabaya, Solo, Bandung, Jakarta, Medan, Tebing Tinggi.
street photography

Sven Åke Johansson: speaker, Fernanda Farah: speaker, Sabine Vogel: flute, Magda Mayas: piano, Michael Renkel: acoustic guitar, electronics

Michael Renkel: electric guitar, FX            released on AbsinthRecords (sold out)
urbano mistica amplitude & ginseng: Michael Renkel, Sonja Bender, Gato Leiras

Michael Renkel: Samplers FX, Gato Leiras: Samplers FX & Sonja Bender: Video Duo with the great Gato Leiras from Buenos Aires. These days we worked with an armada of CD players and analog effects units. Simultaneously Sonja Bender reacted in realtime via a midi keyboard using video...

Michael Renkel & Sven Åke Johansson photo by Theresa Iten

Sven Åke Johansson, Michael Renkel : Kalte Welle 102, 13 Fragmente, Kning Disc (Sweden) Drummer Sven Åke Johansson has written elsewhere about the aesthetics of renouncement, about leaving out rather than putting in. This is a man who - for all the theatricality of some of...