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phono_phono plays "Nomos Alto" first rehearsals with notation material. Nomos Alto has meanwhile developed into a video animated score in 10 parts Sabine Vogel: flute, Magda Mayas: piano, Michael Renkel: acoustic guitar [caption id="attachment_486" align="alignnone" width="300"] Michael Renkel, Nomos Alto, rehearsal score[/caption]  ...

Michael Renkel, Sabine Vogel, Magda Mayas, phono phono

Sabine Vogel: flute, electr., Magda Mayas: piano, synth, Michael Renkel: acoustic guitar, electr.
MEK at Quiet Cue studios

Michael Renkel: acoustic guitar, prepared gear, tools into mic and FX processor, Derek Shirley: bass, feedback Burkhard Beins: percussion, tape, looper