phono phono: autonomous interpretation

phono phono: autonomous interpretation

Sabine Vogel: flute, Magda Mayas: piano and Michael Renkel: acoustic guitar

The trio plays two parts of the “Kammermusik 1958” by Hans Werner Henze in autonomous interpretation: “Wenn einer in den Spiegel siehet” and “Möcht’ ich ein Komet sein”?

Just to give a few examples of, and suggestions for, an autonomous interpretation :: the clef can be changed; the different performing voices could be varied freely within the score; the tempo or the dynamics could be shaped quite differently. Parts can be repeated or even left out; pauses can be inserted liberally.
The time structure of a piece is open; one can “take a leap” in a piece.
It is possible to bring in one’s own material, preparations and electronic alterations. The instrumentalization can also be changed…. see also essay autonomous interpretation .


Sabine Vogel

Magda mayas_Brno

Magda Mayas