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MEK at Quiet Cue studios

Michael Renkel: acoustic guitar, prepared gear, tools into mic and FX processor, Derek Shirley: bass, feedback Burkhard Beins: percussion, tape, looper
photo by Christina Marx

Burkhard Beins: percussion, Johanne Braun: oboe, Gesine Conrad: cello, Volker Grewe: vibraphone, Bettina Junge: flute, Annette von der Mark: guitar, Sybille Ott-Kohm: piano Albas was written during a one year residence 1995 in France in Narbonne near the small village of Albas. The titel of the composition refers...

ensemble phosphor: Axel Doerner, Annette Krebs, Michael Renkel, Robin Haward, Andrea Neumann, Ignaz Schick, Burkhard Beins

Axel Dörner : trumpet, Robin Hayward : tuba, Annette Krebs : electric guitar, Andrea Neumann : inside piano, Michael Renkel : acoustic guitar, live electronocs, Ignaz Schick : rotating surfaces, turntable, Burkhard Beins : percussion
Rebecca, Michael Renkel, Kai Fagaschinski

Michael Renkel: acoustic guitar, Kai Fagaschinski: clarinet